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Darker Than Black

Darker Than BLACK -黒の契約者- 流星のジェミニ- LJ community
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Welcome to the Darker Than BLACK Livejournal community.


This community is...
For discussing the anime Darker Than BLACK -Kuro no Keiyakusha- (黒の契約者) and ~Ryuusei no Gemini~ (流星のジェミニ). Everyone interested in the show is welcome to discuss the show, share resources (graphics, thoughts, downloads), and generally have some fun.

Simple, but extremely crucial. Please read.

  1. Do NOT flame or bash any fan, pairing, character, website, etc. Be reasonable in your criticisms.
  2. All posts must be relevant to Darker than Black in some way or another.
  3. Posts that are long, are image-heavy and/or have major spoilers must go under an LJ-cut. Go here to find out how to if you don't know.
  4. Do not post other peoples' fanworks unless they give you explicit permission to. Unless you are looking for a source. OK?
  5. Please read this post for the community's policy on downloads/media with a copyright.
  6. Any posts which are 18+/NC-17 must be labelled as such. 18+/NC-17 posts must be visible only to 'community members' (see security settings for this option).
  7. No purely introductory posts, please. Thank you. Just join in straight away.
  8. Please check the other posts in the community to avoid reposting the same information.

Also, remember to tag your posts (list of tags can be found here - your posts will be tagged for you if the appropriate tags are unavailable).
If you have any problems or questions with these rules, please contact the mods.

Official website: www.d-black.net
Wikipedia entry: en / ja
ANN encyclopedia entry: Darker than BLACK (TV)
Fanlistings: Darker than BLACK: BEYOND THE GATE | Tsukiakari (ED theme): TSUKIAKARI
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