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Fan fic - DTB - Generation New

I'm here to recommend a fan fiction to everyone.
 photo DTBEp12Gif1.gif

DTB - Generation New by Sakabatou77
Summary: Takes place 29 years after Izanami. Heaven's Gate has reappeared and a New Generation has taken over. Written to give you the feeling as though you are watching a DTB episode with a new unknown mystery.
Genere: Action, Mystery, Suspense
Pairings: None
Status: All 25 chapters complete. Waiting on Bonus chapter 26.

Thoughts: If you would love to read a fan fiction that gives you the same feeling as though you are watching DTB with NEW characters, visits from original ones, and a NEW UNKNOWN mystery, then please check out Generation New. I was skeptical about it at first because of a certain someone, but don't let that stop you, it is well worth the read.
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