Dr. Rusty Shackleford (aweofshe) wrote in darker_than,
Dr. Rusty Shackleford

[selling] Hei/Yin doujinshi

Hello! Liquidating a large portion of my doujinshi collection and have several doujinshi for sale.

Willing to negotiate if asked.

Please see my sales post for more information. Thank you!

Doujinshi sales main | eCrater store | Requests & Group Order

Hei x Yin
15. Shakunetsu ha Reido by PILE DRIVER $13 NEW
14. Drown in the Air by MILK PRICE $16 $14 NEW
13. BK201's Doll by AHM $12 NEW
10. Awa tan Henshuu by Kemuri $9 NEW
9. nostalgia by Kemuri $16
1. Kuroda Married Couple by hika $24 $18, offer

Thank you!
Tags: doujinshi, hei/yin, sales
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